What is Middle East Society of Telemedicine?

 Middle East Society of Telemedicine (MESOTEL) is a community service initiative of Health Imaging Hub.  MESOTEL was initiated by TeleHealth experts, Physicians, Technologists and Health Community Welfare workers to promote Telemedicine/Telehealth in the Middle East & North Africa (MENA) region. Society was formed during an annual meeting of Telemedicine experts at Cairo in October 2010. The society is currently looking for country representatives from each Middle East/North Africa country, be a person, a group or an organization.

Mission Statement of Middle East Society of Telemedicine (MESOTEL)

“To promote quality healthcare that is accessible to less fortune patients living in remote areas using telecommunication and technology advancement in medicine as well as bringing high quality medical care to the community in general using telemedicine technology”

Society Objectives:

Middle East Society of Telemedicine (MESOTEL) was formed based on following objectives:

  1. Promote Telemedicine Information & Education in the MENA region
  2. Increase awareness of Telehealth by increasing member base throughout the MENA region
  3. Knowledge transfer and exchange within medical community using modern technology
  4. Patient care using Society member physicians in remote areas
  5. Annual Telemedicine Conference in the Middle East to followup developments and extend recommendations to existing work
  6. Using the Telemedicine network for emergency and disaster management during crisis
  7. Funding Telemedicine projects for better patient care in remote areas
  8. Providing know-how and expertise for the Society members to establish Telemedicine units throughout the Middle East
  9. Collaborating with other international telemedicine organizations to enhance patient care in the Middle East & North Africa
  10. Regular medical camps and diagnosis/treatment units funded by the Society

Anyone who has interest in enhancing medical care in the Middle East or North Africa can be a member of the Society.

Membership Benefits:

  • Regular updated information and education on technology in telemedicine through e-newsletters, seminars, webinars etc.
  • Subsidized rates for annual Telemedicine Conference
  • Funding to members and the community for telemedicine projects
  • Networking opportunities among members (one of the biggest telemedicine community in the Middle East)
  • Telemedicine projects / RFP alerts
  • Access to premium content, case studies, white papers and other exclusive material on the Society website
  • Free advice to members on starting Telemedicine units
  • Reduced Consultation fees to members

Annual Membership Fees:
Individuals: $100 USD
Organizations: $500 USD
Students: $75 USD
Non-Profit Organizations: Free

If you are interested to join the Society or represent your country, please click here to send us an email with details and we will get back to you as soon as possible.